JustWatch Watchlist

Shows I’ve seen and whether I liked them o-thumbs-up or not down-o-thumbs.

Safe | Supervise | Mature

Safe to Watch (even with your Grandma)

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Bewitched

o-thumbs-up Columbo

o-thumbs-up Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

down-o-thumbs Family Ties

o-thumbs-up I Dream of Jeanie

down-o-thumbs In the Heat of the Night

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Keeping Up Appearances

o-thumbs-up Knight Rider

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Little House on the Prairie

o-thumbs-up Lost in Space

down-o-thumbs Matlock

down-o-thumbs Moonlighting

down-o-thumbs Murder, She Wrote

o-thumbs-up MythBusters

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Perry Mason

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Shark Tank

o-thumbs-up Star Trek

down-o-thumbs Star Trek: The Next Generation

o-thumbs-up The A-Team

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Andy Griffith Show

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Dukes of Hazzard

down-o-thumbs The Rifleman

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Twilight Zone

down-o-thumbs The Waltons

Supervise the Kidos

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up 24

o-thumbs-up 3rd Rock from the Sun

o-thumbs-up Alfred Hitchcock Presents

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up All in the Family

down-o-thumbs Bones – Wife and daughter love this show; not for me.

o-thumbs-up Charlie’s Angels

o-thumbs-up Cheers

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Covert Affairs

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Damages

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Deadliest Catch

down-o-thumbs Deadwood

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Downton Abbey

o-thumbs-up Endeavor

down-o-thumbs Extant

o-thumbs-up Fawlty Towers

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Flashpoint

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Frazier

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Heroes

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Hunted

o-thumbs-up Lie to Me

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Magnum P.I.

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Mission: Impossible

down-o-thumbs Mushi-Shi – Despite good ratings, couldn’t get into a show with a plot where golden sake and strange beings who are “neither plants nor animals”.

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Numb3rs

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Parts Uknown

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Sanford and Son

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Seinfeld

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Blacklist

o-thumbs-up The Rockford Files

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Office

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Man in the High Castle

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Simpsons

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Unit

o-thumbs-up The Wild Wild West

o-thumbs-up The Walking Dead

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up White Collar

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up V

o-thumbs-up Wings

Mature Only

down-o-thumbs Banshee

o-thumbs-up Black List

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Bosch – Season 4 on April 14, 2018

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Brotherhood – Brotherhood, set against the desperate worlds of politicians and mob bosses, looks at how gray good and evil can be. Two brothers on opposite sides of the law, determined to protect the neighborhood and what is theirs by whatever means necessary.  Starring: Jason Issacs, Jason Clarke, Annabeth Gish

down-o-thumbs Enlightened

down-o-thumbs Fortitude

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Goliath

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Hand of God

o-thumbs-up Hill Street Blues

down-o-thumbs House of Cards

down-o-thumbsdown-o-thumbs It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Raunchy, rude, crude TV.

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Justified

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up La Femme Nikita

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Love in Her Bag – Great K-Drama about a bag designer.  Sounds dumb but it’s a great story line where an evil aunt gets her down daughter adopted into a rich family posing as her orphan niece.

down-o-thumbs Million Yen Women – Really dumb Japanese show where several women (one who walks around naked) live with a nerdy guy who’s not allowed to ask them questions.

o-thumbs-up Mr. Robot

o-thumbs-up Nikita

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Orphan Black

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Prison Break

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Patriot

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Schitt’s Creek

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Sneaky Pete –

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Sons of Anarchy

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Strike Back – Watched seasons 1-4 (Jun 2017).  As members of a top-secret anti-terrorist organization, British sergeant Michael Stonebridge and disgraced Delta Forces operative Damian Scott form an unlikely alliance aimed at stopping a scheming international terrorist in this Cinemax series.

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up Suits

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Americans

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Good Wife

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Man in the High Castle

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Newsroom

o-thumbs-up The Night Manager

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Shield

o-thumbs-upo-thumbs-up The Wire

down-o-thumbs Treme