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In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll look into various advanced tasks you can perform to manage wireless networks in your computer using the Netsh command line utility.

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Ends one or more tasks or processes. Processes can be killed by process ID or image name.


taskkill [/s Computer] [/u Domain\User [/p Password]]] [/fi FilterName] [/pid ProcessID]|[/im ImageName] [/f][/t]


/s   Computer   Specifies the name or IP address of a remote computer (do not use backslashes). The default is the local computer.

/u   Domain \ User   Runs the command with the account permissions of the user specified by User or Domain\User. The default is the permissions of the current logged on user on the computer issuing the command.

/p   Password   Specifies the password of the user account that is specified in the /u parameter.

/fi   FilterName   Specifies the types of process(es) to include in or exclude from termination. The following are valid filter names, operators, and values.

Name Operators Value
Hostname eqne Any valid string.
Imagename eqne Any valid string.
PID egnegtltgele Any valid positive integer.
Session egnegtltgele Any valid session number.
CPUTime eqnegtltgele Valid time in the format of hh:mm:ss. The mm and ss parameters should be between 0 and 59 and hh can be any valid unsigned numeric value.
Memusage egnegtltgele Any valid integer.
Username eqne Any valid user name ([Domain\]User).
Services eqne Any valid string.
Windowtitle eqne Any valid string.

/pid   ProcessID   Specifies the process ID of the process to be terminated.

/im   ImageName   Specifies the image name of the process to be terminated. Use the wildcard (*) to specify all image names.

/f   Specifies that process(es) be forcefully terminated. This parameter is ignored for remote processes; all remote processes are forcefully terminated.

/t   Specifies to terminate all child processes along with the parent process, commonly known as a tree kill.

/? Displays help at the command prompt.


  • The wildcard character (*) is accepted only when specified along with the filters.
  • Termination for remote processes will always be done forcefully regardless of whether the /f parameter is specified.
  • Supplying a computer name to the HOSTNAME filter will cause a shutdown and all processes will be stopped.
  • Use tasklist to determine the Process ID (PID) for the process to be terminated.
  • Taskkill is a replacement for the Kill tool.

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MARTINSBURG — Procter & Gamble is moving the opening of its consumer home products manufacturing facility at Tabler Station in Berkeley County to the end of February, said a company spokesman Monday.

When first announced in 2015, the personal products plant was tentatively slated to open by December 2017. In September, officials said the date was moved to January.

The plant will initially provide 300 jobs, then employ 400 more workers when completed by the end of 2019, officials said.

P&G Communications Director Jeff LeRoy said the shift to February is still within the company’s originally projected three-month window.

“We had targeted the January-Feb-March quarter,” said LeRoy in an e-mail. “I don’t think there is any major reason other than as we got closer the date became more precise.”

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Berkeley County Council members are scheduled to tour the plant grounds on Thursday.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is slated for March1, LeRoy said.

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