Command Line Utilities

  • blat – Command line tool to send email
  • wget – Command line tool to download files from the internet

Communication & Connectivity

  • FileZilla – FTP Server and Client
  • RealVNC – Remote Desktop Control Software (IP to IP)
  • TeamViewer – Remote Desktop Control Software (not inhibited by Firewalls, IP Addresses, or NAT)

Database Management Systems

  • MySQL – The world’s most popular open source database.
  • SQLite – The most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world.

File Management & Manipulation

  • 7-Zip – File Compression/Decompression Utility
  • Attribute Changer – Right-click to change multiple file attributes (I use it for changing dates on multiple files).
  • Allway Sync – File Synchronization Utility – Synchronize USB drives ( etc.) with other disks/folders.
  • BRU – Bulk Rename Utility
  • Dropbox – Cloud Storage freeware
  • Everything – A Very Fast Search Engine for Local Files and Folders (includes a simple HTTP and FTP server).
  • FreeCommander – A Quick Windows Explorer Substitute
  • HFS – HTTP File Server (share selected folders and files)
  • ImgBurn – CD ISO Image Creator & CD Burner
  • Treesize – Utility showing the size of each folder on a drive (useful for determining where large files are located).
  • Unstoppable Copier – File copier that deals with CRC and other disk errors nicely.
  • VirtualCloneDrive – Mount ISO Images (create virtual CD Drive from ISO Image)

Multimedia & Graphics Tools

  • AVC – Any Video Converter – Similar to QMC
  • CamStudio – Screen Recording Software – Takes a video of your screen movements (optionally records voice).
  • Cropper – Simple Screen Capturing Tool
  • Exiftool – Reveals Exif details (settings) of multimedia files
  • FotoTagger – Annotate images without changing the visible image (view annotations using FotoTagger).  2010-12-29: Link is Broken (may have to abandon – use IrfanView if so).
  • Greenshot – Screen Capturing Tool and Annotator.  No “File-Open” option (configure Windows to “Open With”).  Good for quick picture annotation/tagging.
  • Image Resizer
  • IrfanView – Image Editor
  • K-Lite Codec Pack – Video and Audio encoding/decoding package – includes Media Player Classic (concise alternative to big-name multimedia packages).
  • Screencast-O-Matic – Similar to CamStudio, but easier to use.
  • SUPER – A Versatile Multimedia Encoder and Player – Requires only one simple click to encode.

Network Tools

Operating Systems

  • FreeDOS – A free DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems.
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox – Open source VM platform.  Run multiple virtual machines (and OS’s) on a single physical machine.
  • Ubuntu – A Linux Operating System

Productivity Tools

  • AMP Calendar – Simple Calendar Tool – Shows 12 months.
  • AutoHotKey – Versatile scripting tool for Windows – Assign scripts to a “Hot Key” or run them stand-alone.
  • FreeCalc – A Nice Windows Calculator Substitute
  • FREE PDFill Tools – Merge, split, rotate pages, etc. Excellent PDF utility.
  • KeePass – Password Database
  • PDFCreator – Freeware PDF creator – becomes a printer on your system.
  • PureText – Clipboard “cleaner” that removes formatting of all copied text leaving only the text to be pasted.
  • Simple Sticky Notes – A sticky notes utility I like to use – has a “always on top” feature I like.
  • SP TimeSync – System Time Synchronizer

System Performance Utilities

  • Defraggler – File and Disk Defragmenting Utility
  • Glary Utilities – PC Performance Enhancement Tools (uncheck/skip the Install Ask Toolbar prompts).
  • Process Explorer – Updated Sysinternals utility showing real-time process information.
  • Process Monitor – Classic Sysinternals utility – real-time file, registry, and process information.
  • ProcessQuickLink – A “plug-in” for Windows Task Manager – Click “i” icon to launch the Uniblue web page showing information of each process.
  • SIW – System Information for Windows

System Recovery Tools

  • Recuva – File Recovery Utility
  • UBD4Win – Ultimate Boot Disk for Windows – Bootable CD image containing many system recovery tools.

Virus & Malware Tools

Web Browsers & Tools

  • Abyss Web Server – Web server with a tiny footprint
  • FireFox – Web Browser
  • Firefox Add-Ons:
    • Adblock Plus – Block advertisements on web pages.
    • FoxFilter – Content filter for Firefox.  Premium version allows password-based management (only $10).
  • Google Chrome – Google’s Web Browser
  • HTTrack Website Copier – Copies web sites to your local drive (for offline browsing, etc.)
  • KompoZer – Simple Graphical HTML editor
  • Opera – Another Web Browser.
  • WordPress – Web-based content authoring and management (install on your web server).