Video: Jack Maxey came to Switzerland to safely examine Hunter’s laptop | Daily Mail Online

Jack Maxey, a political activist who gave Hunter Biden’s laptop, says he moved to Switzerland because things were getting scary once he started releasing what he found.

Source: Video: Jack Maxey came to Switzerland to safely examine Hunter’s laptop | Daily Mail Online

Why do the largest corporations follow left leaning politics?

Corporations exist to make money. Acting certain ways results in making more than in acting others. Closely held companies are more able to withstand pressures and act as they personally feel as they don’t have to answer to boards of directors or stock holders.

Generally speaking when the right does not like something on TV they change the channel. When the left does not like it, they call the advertisers and complain and they get on social media and complain publicly.

Source: Richard Starr’s answer to Why do the largest corporations follow left leaning politics? – Quora

CNN panics as more Americans ignore COVID news coverage

CNN is disappointed that more Americans are ignoring COVID news coverage and returning to their everyday lives.

What’s more surprising is that it took CNN so long to notice they were losing viewers.

CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy expressed disappointment and dismay that more Americans are ignoring their doomsday COVID coverage and living their lives.

Source: CNN panics as more Americans ignore COVID news coverage: ‘They’re just ignoring everything and living their lives’ | Latest Celebrity News, Sports and Entertainment | Sandra Rose

Abolish Nato

The ostensible purpose of NATO was to protect Western Europe from an invasion by the Soviet Union, which, ironically, had been America’s partner and ally in World War II. At the end of the Cold War, the threat of such an invasion was non-existent. Therefore, NATO’s ostensible mission was over. NATO should have been disbanded immediately.

But like so many other Cold War programs and bureaucratic agencies, NATO bureaucrats were not about to let their bureaucratic agency go quietly into the night. Too many officials had become accustomed to and dependent on the taxpayer-funded largess that came with NATO.

Moreover, the NATO bureaucrats and the Cold War officials within the US national-security establishment were not ready to let go of their Cold War racket, which they had milked for some 45 years. They had to figure out a way to keep their racket going.

That’s why NATO began absorbing Warsaw Pact countries instead of simply going out of business. They knew that as they brought US bases, missiles, and troops closer to Russia’s borders, Russia would have to finally respond. And when that would happen, US and NATO officials and their Operation Mockingbird acolytes in the mainstream press could exclaim, “The Russians have committed aggression! They are the aggressors!”

The final straw was to be Ukraine. After US officials helped to orchestrate the regime-change operation that ousted a pro-Russia regime and installed a pro-US regime in Ukraine, the next step was to invite Ukraine to join NATO.

That would mean US bases, missiles, and troops on Russia’s border. It would mean the eviction of Russia from its longtime military base in Crimea and its replacement by a US military base.

Source: Abolish Nato