Susan Tedeschi Awarded James Smithson Medal

Dec 8, 2022 — Susan Tedeschi received the Smithsonian Institution’s James Smithson Bicentennial Medal award for “her embodiment of the American Experience through music; for imbuing the American soundtrack with songs that transcend from grief to joy; for staying true to her art form and for using her voice to share stories of hope in advocating for a better world.”

Jackie Evancho – Both Sides Now


Both Sides Now was one of my favorite coming of age songs.  The tune and lyrics by Joni Mitchell are still mesmerizing and this artist delivered it perfectly.  I’ve long been in awe of singers who can control their vibrato — hold a note (or change notes) with no vibrato — and then lightly introduce it at the end of a phrase.  Right now this is my favorite artist and song.

“Don’t Talk” by Melody Gardot

I heard Melody Gardot for the first time today while watching the closing of episode 4 of Peacock’s “Wolf Like Me” series.  A mesmerizing and almost haunting voice.  I got the same vibe from Gardot as I felt when first hearing Adele before she became famous (when I thought/predicted Adele would go viral).  I found out Gardot has a moving story of overcoming after being hit by an SUV at the age of 19 (see