REGEXP (RE2) Escape Sequences


(Used by Google Docs for Find & Replace)

Escape sequences:
\a bell (== \007)
\f form feed (== \014)
\t horizontal tab (== \011)
\n newline (== \012)
\r carriage return (== \015)
\v vertical tab character (== \013)
\* literal «*», for any punctuation character «*»
\123 octal character code (up to three digits)
\x7F hex character code (exactly two digits)
\x{10FFFF} hex character code
\C match a single byte even in UTF-8 mode
\Q…\E literal text «…» even if «…» has punctuation

SharePoint – Enable and configure versioning

You can track and manage information over time with versioning in lists and libraries, as well as view and recover previous versions from the item’s history.

When enabled, new versions are added to an item’s history after changes are saved. The number of versions stored and the visibility of draft or minor versions can be modified for each list and library.

Source: Enable and configure versioning for a list or library