Cuba Lawsuits Could Threaten Future Flights To Island | Cigar Aficionado

American Airlines has become the first U.S. air carrier to be sued under the revived Helms Burton Act that allows legal action against companies that do business in Cuba involving expropriated properties.

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How to Repair Cigars with Peeling and Cracked Wrappers

Unraveling cigars are best fixed with acacia powder, better known as gum arabic, or vegetable gum. This is what cigar rollers use for preparing the wrapper leaf and cap when they roll cigars. Gum arabic, which can be found in the baking aisle at some supermarkets, spice shops, and online, comes in powdered form. When  to the right consistency, it can be a real life saver…

Another product that can be used for repairing unraveling wrappers is Pectin. Pectin comes in both powder and liquid form…

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5 Cigar Tricks You Should Use Every Time You Light Up – Buy Cigars Online


Every so often, especially if you are smoking a cigar that’s nub-worthy, you’re smoke will suddenly take a hard, left turn into the land of “off” flavors. The change can be so dramatic, it seems like someone swapped stogies on you. But what’s really happening is that as you smoke, some of the residual oil that doesn’t burn off collects in the filler of the cigar. This can sometimes start to mask the good flavors with bad ones, especially if you’re getting to the last third of your stick. You might think it’s time to ditch it, but there’s one thing you can try before such drastic measures.

Purging is the simple act of blowing through your stogie when it starts to taste weird. Try it and you’ll be amazed at how easily this brings the cigar back to it’s senses. Not only will it keep you from prematurely ending your smokes, but now you can drop some knowledge on you’re lesser informed cigar buddies. Additionally, if you’re relighting a cigar that has gone out, it’s common practice to purge while holding a flame to the end; however, there’s never a guarantee that you can bring a previously-lit cigar back to life. You probably won’t need to purge every time you smoke, but when you do it’s a life saver.

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