Axioms to Live By

  1. Nakedness is private.
  2. Call people by their preferred name.
  3. The “rules” are different for God.
  4. There isn’t a profound reason for everything.
    Like the process of sanding wood, each grain of sand shaving off a microscopic sliver of wood isn’t what to focus on.  It’s the smoothed surface of the wood over the entire process that matters.  Example: I clicked the wrong icon. Me: “I wonder what the purpose of that was?”  This axiom was recorded out of that moment.  Maybe clicking the wrong icon was part of a process (making me more patient, teaching me to click better, enforcing the thought that I’m fallible, or some other reason altogether that I don’t need to concern  myself with).
  5. People that you don’t understand are often smarter than you (or know more than you do).