Idea: Food Mall!

Turn failing malls into all restaurants. Big brands, local Mom/Pops, etc. Organize randomly or according to cuisine (steakhouse, seafood, desserts, etc.) or by food preference Vegan, etc. Possibly use the food court as a communal dining area that includes menus from all restaurants. Entice customers into your restaurant by offering in-restaurant-only menu items. Or maybe the food court is the waiting area for restaurants to offer their appetizers and drinks. Then at meal time, patrons physically move to the restaurant location.

Accretion Definition & Meaning |

This word was used by Ravi Zaccharias in describing the Trinity in this YouTube post disputing the doctrine of the Trinity (as Gino Jennings preaches):

  1. an increase by natural growth or by gradual external addition; growth in size or extent.
  2. the result of this process.
  3. an added part; addition:The last part of the legend is a later accretion.
  4. the growing together of separate parts into a single whole.

Source: Accretion Definition & Meaning |