The Subjective Aspect of KJV-Onlyism – The Reformed Reader Blog

(I don’t care anymore about the KJV only debate, but I found this article anticipating the topic may come up at a pending family reunion.  But maybe nobody cares about this anymore.)

Sometimes KJV Only adherents use subjective arguments to vouch for the superiority of the KJV. Mark Ward lists some of these in his helpful book, Authorized: the Use and Misuse of the King James Bible. For example, some KJV-Only adherents say that translating Scripture into regular modern language is dumbing down the Bible. They also argue that the KJV sounds like the Word of God, which is why it is the best translation. Or they argue that the men who translated the KJV used timeless language, so abandoning it is foolish.

Source: The Subjective Aspect of KJV-Onlyism – The Reformed Reader Blog